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#CanceLaundryDay with the Aloha Lifestyle!

Your schedule is already filled to the brim — why commit even more time to doing your laundry? Aloha Laundry Life’s Las Vegas location is focused on making the lives of our locals as easy as possible. Our Las Vegas laundry service gives you the freedom to do whatever you please! Our mobile laundry service partners with local, professional laundromats to keep the small business community alive; let our vetted partners care for your clothes and deliver them right to your door, all clean! Join us and #CanceLaundryDay!

How Mobile Laundry Services Work

Our Aloha Las Vegas laundry service is essentially the DoorDash of our industry. Once you download our app, you have the freedom to customize your order and schedule our laundry pickup and delivery according to what works best for you. Our mobile laundry service staff members will take your laundry to one of our local laundromat partners, ensure everything is carefully cleaned with environmentally-friendly products, and then deliver it right to your door. Let us handle this chore while you focus on the things you love to do!

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Free your schedule and make your life much easier as a busy parent or working citizen! Downloading our Aloha Laundry Life app is the first step to placing your custom mobile laundry service order and to having your dirty laundry taken care of. Help our Las Vegas laundry service keep local small businesses alive and support local nonprofits by using our services!


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Aloha Laundry Life is dedicated to serving your community members and helping them give back. Partnering with us gives you the chance to help others around you while also getting the stress-free laundry experience you deserve!

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