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Take Back Your Free Time With #CancelLaundryDay

If your schedule is filled to the brim during the workweek, and you want to spend your weekends relaxing, chores like laundry can get in the way. But Aloha Laundry Life’s concierge laundry service in Mesa, Arizona, is here to change all that with our #CancelLaundryDay campaign. By utilizing our local dirty laundry service, you can have your dirty laundry returned to you completely clean without ever lifting a finger. Learn more down below and get started now by downloading our app!

How Our Dirty Laundry Service App Works


Whether you live in an apartment without in-unit laundry facilities or you simply don’t have time, our concierge laundry service app is here to help. After you download Aloha Laundry on your phone, it’s easy to find a local Mesa operator and choose which size tote you need: medium or large. Choose your pick-up time and leave your dirty laundry — clothing, sheets, comforters, anything —on your doorstep; from there, one of our operators will pick up your tote, wash your items, and return them nicely folded inside the tote within 24 hours.

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Join the Aloha Laundry Life Network


If you’re a Mesa laundromat or other laundry facility owner, we welcome you to join our concierge laundry service network as a provider! Service local customers through our app and take advantage of a wider customer base through Aloha Laundry Life. Contact us to join our network and get the promotion and marketing your business needs!

Reduce Your Stress With a Concierge Laundry Service


If you’re ready to #CancelLaundryDay for good and reduce your weekly chores, Aloha Laundry Life is here for you! Get in touch with us today if you have questions, and download our app to set up your first pick-up!

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