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#CancelLaundryDay With a Concierge Laundry Service

What if you didn’t have to take a weekend afternoon and do all your laundry? What if you could simply set dirty laundry on your doorstep and have it returned to you fresh and clean? Aloha Laundry Life is a growing concierge laundry service designed to help apartment renters and homeowners #CancelLaundryDay. Learn more about our dirty laundry service in San Diego, California and start by downloading our app!

How to Use Our Dirty Laundry Service

Aloha Laundry Life is designed to unify a network of small business owners and local laundromats, all while providing a convenient dirty laundry service. After you download our app, you can find a local San Diego operator and choose either a medium or large tote for your laundry. These totes you can fill will be anything that needs washed, including clothing, bedding, pet bed, and special-wash items. Schedule your pick-up time, and one of our Aloha Laundry Life operators will collect your dirty laundry, wash it for you, and drop it off within 24 hours.

Join Our Laundry Network in California

While our concierge laundry service is designed to benefit folks who want to reduce their chores, Aloha Laundry Life is also excited to help local business owners. If you’re a local laundromat owner who would like to join our network, contact us today! Our dirty laundry service is always looking for new operators in the San Diego area to assist our customers.

Get Started With Aloha Laundry Life Now

Are you ready to never do laundry on your own again? Take advantage of the prompt, reliable service of our Aloha Laundry Life micro businesses and our entire concierge laundry service. Download our app to learn more about how it works and to place your first order!


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