Cookie Policy

Last updated December 14, 2023


This Cookie Policy outlines how Aloha Laundry Life (“Company,” “we,” “us,” and “our”) utilizes cookies and similar technologies on our website at (“Website”). It explains the purpose of these technologies, why we use them, and your rights to manage their usage.


1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. First-party cookies, set by Aloha Laundry Life, and third-party cookies, set by external parties, may be used. Third-party cookies facilitate features like advertising, interactive content, and analytics.


2. Why do We Use Cookies?

We use both first- and third-party cookies for essential functions, performance tracking, and targeted advertising. Essential cookies are necessary for the Website’s operation. Performance cookies help us understand user interests and enhance the user experience. Advertising cookies make ads more relevant.


3. Cookie Control

You have the right to accept or reject cookies. Use the Cookie Consent Manager in the notification banner or on our website to manage your preferences. Essential cookies cannot be rejected as they are necessary for service provision.


4. Types of Cookies We Use

  • Performance and Functionality Cookies: Enhance Website performance.
    • Example: MR by Microsoft.
  • Analytics and Customization Cookies: Collect aggregate data for analysis.
    • Examples: MUID, ga#, 11013571051, _dc_gtm_UA-#, _gid.
  • Advertising Cookies: Make ads more relevant.
    • Examples: _uetsid, test_cookie, _uetvid_exp, _uetvid, _uetsid, _fbp, _uetsid_exp, _gcl_au, _uetvid, ga-audiences, _fbp.


5. Managing Cookies on Your Browser

Refer to your browser’s help menu for guidance on managing cookies. Opt-out of targeted advertising through advertising network options.


6. Other Tracking Technologies

Web beacons or tracking pixels may be used for similar purposes. These technologies rely on cookies, and declining cookies may affect their functionality.


7. Flash Cookies or Local Shared Objects

Adjust your Flash player settings to control Flash Cookies. Restricting Flash Cookies may impact Flash applications’ functionality.


8. Targeted Advertising

Third parties may serve cookies for advertising. These cookies collect information about visits to provide relevant ads. They do not identify you unless you choose to provide details.


9. Policy Updates

This Cookie Policy may be updated periodically. Check the date at the top for the last update. Regularly review this policy for changes in our cookie usage.


10. Further Information

For questions or more information about our cookie usage, contact us at or:


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