Market Developer

Market Developer

Aloha Laundry Life is committed to changing the way everyday people think about their household chores! Our concierge laundry service is the prompt, reliable, one-stop-shop clients can trust to care for their dirty clothes and return them in clean, pristine condition. Our company’s home base is Las Vegas, NV but we are excited to expand and bring our dirty laundry service to other palaces in the United States. 

Do you want to join our Aloha Laundry Life team? We are welcoming new people to help us #CancelLaundryDay, one basket at a time. Learn more about how you can become a market developer for our concierge laundry service and contact us today to get started!

What Aloha Laundry Life Market Developers Do

Our concierge laundry service market developers are responsible for expanding the Aloha Laundry Life brand. Essentially, these individuals help us identify new business opportunities and new customer bases across the United States. The role includes researching the local market of communities outside of LAs Vegas and seeking to understand how our Aloha Laundry Life dirty laundry service will fit into different regions; it can also include developing relationships with other companies or prospective clients and presenting sales pitches. In doing so, you will help our brand maintain strong relationships, build consistent revenue, and #CancelLaundryDay.

What Our Concierge Laundry Service Looks Like

The Aloha Laundry Life’s dirty laundry service process is very simple and is focused entirely on convenience. One of our clients will utilize our locator tool to identify the closest concierge laundry service provider. From there he or she will choose the right size tote to carry their laundry; both large and medium totes are available to fill with whatever clothing needs to be washed. Aloha Laundry Life’s professional-grade service people will pick up the laundry and return it within 24 hours all folded and ready to be worn. Clients can easily track their dirty laundry service orders via our app and can provide specific instructions for special-wash items. Our staff members drop off the clean laundry at a time that easily fits into a client’s schedule.

Why Join The #CancelLaundryDry Revolution?

If you enjoy building relationships with customers across the nation and developing innovative strategies for our concierge laundry service, you’d be perfect for Aloha Laundry Life! By helping us introduce more people to the convenience of dirty laundry service, you can have the opportunity to work with a dynamic team of individuals and get your foot in the door of a rapidly growing industry. Our mission at Aloha Laundry Life is to support our local communities and partner with local operators to service our clients. Help us create more partnerships as a market developer!

Spread the Aloha Laundry Life Mission Now

The partners our Aloha Laundry Life brand chooses to do business with are what keep us going. Market developers for our organization turn the chore of doing laundry into something as easy as ordering take-out or deliveries of groceries. Using environmentally friendly, chemical-free products and trained moderators, our concierge laundry service is always reliable and on time. Join our team today to help us tell more people about the ease of outsourcing their clothes washing.

Get in touch with Aloha Laundry Life today to learn more about how you can #CancelLaundryDay and join our team as a market developer. If you have any questions or would like to apply, reach out to us!

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