Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Household chores shouldn’t stop you from living the life you want to! Discover the freedom of outsourcing your laundry with a concierge laundry service. Aloha Laundry Life in Las Vegas, NV, and other areas around the country — including California, Arizona, and Texas — is the dirty laundry service you can trust to care for your clothing every single time. 


Learn more about what our prompt, reliable service is all about, and join us as a customer or an operator today!

#CancelLaundryDay With Our Concierge Laundry Service


Totally transform the way you do household chores with Aloha Laundry Life. Our concierge laundry service is committed to providing convenient scheduling of dirty laundry pick-up, all through our app, while also allowing you to choose a time within your schedule for drop-off. Within 24 hours of placing your order, our operators will clean your clothes — while also paying attention to any special instructions — and leave them folded in a tote on your doorstep.

Supporting Local Laundry Operators


In addition to helping homeowners and apartment renters, Aloha Laundry Life is also committed to supporting our local communities. Local laundromats and other operators are welcomed within our network, as they help us provide concierge laundry service to our customers. Contact us to learn more about how you can join us!

Protecting Our Clients & The Community


Our dirty laundry service prioritizes the health and well-being of both our customers and our operators. Aloha Laundry Life uses chemical-free cleaning solutions and other environmentally friendly products to ensure our clients’ clothes are fresh and ready to be worn. We also provide the option for clients to donate unwanted clothes to nonprofit organizations.

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Experience the convenience of a concierge laundry service with Aloha Laundry Life and all our service locations! Make doing your laundry as easy as ordering take-out or delivery groceries. Learn more about how the whole process works and contact us with any questions!

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